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18 September 2018 (Tuesday)


Registration & Coffee




  • Brigitte Petersen, Chair of the Organising Committee

Welcome Addresses

  • Peter Stehle, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn, Germany
  • Heinrich Bottermann, State Secretary of the Ministry for Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia


Plenary Session I

Food Safety Issues in Agricultural Production

Chair: Thomas Selhorst

Interaction Between Bacteria and Plants: Implications for Food Safety
Kornelia Smalla

Microbiological Food Safety and Zoonoses
Jaap Wagenaar


Refreshment Break


Parallel Session I

I.A Antimicrobial Resistance in Wildlife

Chair: Ellen Goddard

Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacteria from Hunted Wild Boars in Germany
Bernd-Alois Tenhagen, Mirjam Grobbel, Jens André Hammerl, Istvan Szabo, Alexandra Fetsch, Katja Alt, Lars Wiehle, Beatrice Pfefferkorn, Annemarie Käsbohrer

Distribution and Antimicrobial Resistance of Salmonella SPP from Marketed Bushmeat and reared Grasscutters in Côte d´Ivoire
Arlette Olaby Dinde, Esther Schelling, Marina Koussemon, Bassirou Bonfoh

I.B Animal Health in Dairy Farming: Measurement and Demand for Antibiotic Treatment

Chair: Julia Steinhoff-Wagner

Evaluation of biomarkers of udder health in cow milk
Giovanna De Matteis, Francesco Grandoni, Maria Carmela Scatà, Teresina De Iorio, Cinzia Marchitelli, Roberto Steri, Bianca Moioli, Luca Buttazzoni

Alternative Approaches to Managing Demand for Antibiotic Treatment in Dairying
David A. Hennessy, Yanan Jia, Hongli Feng

I.C Vision to develop and use methods and frameworks for improved One Health decision making

Chair: Barbara Häsler

Evaluation of One Health – Is It Possible to Evaluate a Paradigm
Barbara Häsler

An Evaluation Framework for One Health Initiatives
Sara Savic

The Three Pillars of Sustainability in One Health and Their Metrics – Social, Ecological and Economic Dimensions
Massimo Canali




Parallel Session II

II.A Can Club Theory Explain the Implementation of Food Safety Assurance Systems?

Chair: Garry Richard Griffith
Discussant: Ellen Goddard

Food Safety Assurance Systems as Chain Goods
Euan FlemingGarry Griffith, Stuart Mounter Derek Baker

Implications of chain failures when marketing meat with production and process attributes in Australia
Wendy Umberger, Lenka Malek

Establishing higher private standards for residues by market forces
Johannes Simons

II.B Innovations to reduce bacteria and antimicrobial resistance from farm to fork

Chair: Dorothea Weißengruber
Discussant: Hanns-Christoph Eiden

Development of measures for reduction of antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli along the entire poultry production chain
Uwe Rösler, Mohamed Hafez, Micheal Pees, Thomas Amon, Jürgen Zentek, Christa Evers, Ulrich Methner, Thomas Alter, Diana Meemken, Niels Bandick, Lüppo Ellerbrock, Annemarie Käsbohrer

Introducing an evidence-based mastitis therapy concept to a conventional dairy farm
Anna Schmenger, Stefanie Leimbach, Volker Krömker

Plasma-based decontamination of dried plant-related products to enhance food safety
Oliver Schlüter, Holger Adamzig, Ingo Cziollek, Jörg Ehlbeck, Heiko Theilen

II.C International Trade and the Pet Food Market

Chair: Ray Huffaker

The role of capacity development activities to ensure the international harmonization of SPS standards: an assessment regarding scope, targeting and efficiency for agri-food exports from African countries
Christine Wieck

Advances Training the Key Factor in Inspection of Mexican Import-and-Exportation Food
Ema Maldonado-Siman, Pedro Arturo Martinez-Hernandez, Jose Luis Zaragoza-Ramírez

Determinants of pet food purchasing behavior
Sean B. Cash, Molly Schleicher, Lisa Freeman

II.D NEOH Workshop Part 1: Evaluation of the “One Healthness” of One Health Initiatives

Session Leaders: Barbara Häsler, Sara Savic


Refreshment Break


Parallel Session III

III.A Innovative Approaches for Exploring the Appraisal of Novel Technologies

Chair: Chad M. Baum
Discussant: Garry Griffith

Consumers' evaluation of 3D-printed food
Carolin Kamrath, Joshua Wesana, Stefanie Bröring, Xavier Gellynck, Hans De Steur

Do consumers think that purchasing bio-based products matter? The role of systems thinking and connectedness to nature
Joana Wensing, Chad M. Baum, Laura Carraresi, Stefanie Bröring

Restrictions in the diffusion of active and intelligent packaging-innovations at the German retail level
Chad M. Baum, Isabel Schulze

Assessing internal validity and predictive power of attitudes towards genetically-modified foods using neuroscientific approaches
Joscelyn Ladendorf, Bernd Weber

III.B Sustainable agriculture and animal welfare: conflict of goals between animal health and environmental health?

Chair: Martin Hamer
Discussant: Friedhelm Jaeger

Tools and Indicators to describe sustainable animal husbandry
Christina Schmitt, Martin Hamer

ICT Tools to monitor the environmental impact on animal and human health
Gé Backus

A perspective for improving gastro-intestinal health and animal welfare
Haiko Hendrik Hofmann, Maren Julia Proell, Karl Schellander, Christiane Neuhof

The third way in Germany and China – trade-off between animal welfare and food safety
Friedhelm Jaeger, Wei Wang

III.C Managing foodborne Diseases

Chair: Sean Cash

A procedure to approach interdisciplinary issues in One Health initiatives
Elena Boriani, Maurizio Aragrande, Massimo Canali, Roberto Esposito, Mario Latini

BeoWarn – a watching and warning system for crisis prevention
Natalie Becker, Claudia Reckzeh, Petra Luber

Targeting Effective US Antibiotic Stewardship Programs: What Data Do We Need and What Can We Learn from Data We Have?
Ray Huffaker, Monika Hartmann

III.C NEOH Workshop Part 2: Economic Evaluation of One Health Initiatives – Opportunities and Limitations

Session Leader: Massimo Canali


Poster Session I & Wine Tasting

P: I.A Food Safety, Traceability and a Healthy Diet

Chair: Judith Kreyenschmidt

Shifting towards sustainable and healthier dietary patterns in the Metropolis Ruhr, Germany
Juliana Minetto Gellert Paris, Ute Nöthlings, Christian Borgemeister 

Food Fingerprinting- An Analytical Approach towards comprehensive Food Authentication
Tim Bartram, Carolin Lörchner, Carsten Fauhl-Hassek, Susanne Esslinger

Blockchain Provides Food Safety
Sandra A. Klein, Wolfgang Prinz, Wolfgang Gräther

Use of Antibiotics in Meat Producing Animals in Bangladesh: A Regulatory Review 
Abu Noman Mohammad Atahar Ali

Nutritional Role of Selenium, Production of Selenium Enriched Milk
Réka Juhászné Tóth, Dóra Kiss, János Csapó

Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from raw milk from vending machines
Flóra Mária Petróczki, Viktória Veres, Gábor Kardos, Béla Béri, Ferenc Peles

One Health approach in project in food security and safety in Somaliland
Carina Kaiser, Victoria Larrateguy, Antonia Braus, Angela Schug, Kassim Youssf Abdalla, Maurice Kiboye

P: I.B One Health

Chair: Johannes Simons

One Health – Transdisciplinarity at ZB MED
Eva Seidlmayer, Christoph Poley

EPFA – Software for enhancing field application of entomopathogenic fungi
Henri E.Z. Tonnang, Ritter Guimapi, Samira Mohamed, Lisa Biber-Freudenberger, Sunday Ekesi, Christian Borgemeister 

Distinguishing between MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and MSSA (Methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus) with MALDI-TOF MS
Brigitta Horváth, Ferenc Peles, László Bereczki, Ágnes Erős, Rita Sipos, Csaba Lovász, Adrienn Micsinai

Appropriate measures for outpatient antibiotic use in Europe
Robin Bruyndonckx, Niel Hens, Marc Aerts, Ann Versporten, Samuel Coenen, Herman Goossens

Publishing Open Access and Research Data in the Field of One Health
Ursula Arning, Jacqueline Bergmann

Transference of antibacterian resistance from enviroment to agricultural and healthcare workers
Rosario Patricia López Magaña; Yolanda, López Vidal; Luis José, René Arredondo; Samuel, Ponce de León; Christina Désirée, Siebe Grabach; Antonio Rafael, Villa Romero

Requirements of the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance Standard on the responsible use of antimicrobials and the implementation of antimicrobial reduction policies at farm level for livestock and aquaculture production
Roland K. Aumüller, Elme Coetzer


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